Privacy Policy

Policy of confidentiality


    1. Confidentiality : Riki Tech Limited («Riki Tech») commits has :
      1. Ensure there confidentiality of your information;
      2. Keep all THE information personal that We let's collect in accordance to requirements of there legislation applicable in matter of confidentiality.
    2. Application of this policy of confidentiality:
      1. Information personal submitted on This site Web (“Site”) (by example, Or YOU carry out A purchase);
      2. All information recovered automatically during of the visits on This Site.
        En visiting THE site, YOU consent has This that We collections these information And THE uses, in accordance has there present policy of confidentiality..
    3. Changes of there policy of privacy: «Riki Tech» can to modify, to alter Or otherwise to change this policy of confidentiality of time to another, with or without prior notice. All these changes will enter in force immediately After the updating day of the page of this site on which there policy of confidentiality East contained. YOU accept of check there policy of confidentiality And to be bound by there policy of confidentiality in force At moment or you access to this site.
    4. Contact: If you have others questions concerning this policy of confidentiality, please We contact has

      16 Pl. de l'Iris 92400 Courbevoie, France


    1. Visitors: YOU can Browse And to access to information contained So site without provide information personally identifiable.
    2. Collection of information personal: «Riki Tech» collection of the information personal (by example, the name, the address and information on the items that you have purchased) via this site when YOU carry out A purchase. These information are collected in the aim to administer your account, of to treat your purchases, from you deliver THE items purchased, for our clean archives internal and for YOU contact concerning your purchase or YOU send of the information on the goods and services that we let's think that you susceptible from you to interest (y Understood by message electronic). He is important that all THE information who we are provided be accurate, up to date, complete and no misleading, because we We let's support on the information that you provide.
    3. Collection information personal by of the third party:  All third party that we let's use For to treat THE payments of the purchases carried out via this site can also collect your information personal. We let's use also others companies And people For execute of the functions in our name. THE examples include execution of orders of products or services, there delivery of parcels And sending of mail postal. These suppliers of services third party have access to information personal required has execution of their functions, but do not can not the to use has others purposes. In besides, they must to treat THE information personal in accordance to the present statement of confidentiality and in there measure permitted by the laws applicable in matter of protection of the data.
    4. Usage And disclosure of the information personal: We will keep all THE information personal collected via this site in accordance to requirements stated in these legislations on the confidentiality. In particular:
      1. The information personal born will be used than to purposes For which they are collected And born will be preserved that THE time necessary For reach THE goals For which THE information have summer collected (y Understood All moment Or We are held by there law of preserve these information).
      2. In out of This Who East noted above, We born will disclose not information personal has of the third party, except if there law requires it Or THE allow, if there person We has authorized has THE TO DO Or if there disclosure East linked has the objective For which THE information have summer collected.
      3. In none case We born will sell Or born will rent your information personal has of the third party.
      4. We can also YOU ask your consent For to treat your information personal In A aim accurate that We YOU let's communicate. When YOU consent has This that We treatments your information personal In A aim accurate, YOU can withdraw your consent has All moment And We we will stop THE treatment of your data has this END..
    5. We let's transfer of the information personal towards country in out of the region of EU for the sharing of the information mentioned. We let's watch that has THE information shared be compliant to requirements of here opinion of confidentiality and others regulations applicable in matter of confidentiality..
    6. We let's keep your information personal For allow your use keep on going of the services “Riki Tech”, Also a long time that East necessary For fill THE goals relevant described in the here opinion of confidentiality, as that can be required over there law, notably Has purposes tax And accountants, or such than otherwise communicated to you. By example, We let's keep history of yours transactions so that YOU may to consult THE purchases past (And repeat THE orders if you THE wish) and the addresses to which YOU have shipped THE orders, and for improve there relevance of the products and content that we recommend.

    1. Access : you can ask asset moment to to consult THE information personal that we let's hold at your subject in We writing has the address indicated to the clause 1.4 above.
    2. Edit And deletion : you can also We ask of to correct, to modify Or DELETE all information personal that we let's hold at your subject in We writing has the address indicated to the clause 1.4 above..
    3. Deactivation of the communications electronic : If you do not wish not receive of communications marketing by «Riki Tech» by message electronic, YOU can to use OUR center of preferences of messaging...

    1. We let's collect automatically of the statistics on the people visiting This site For improve OUR website and to watch THE traffic. A such collection does not identify not the users individual And does not lead not here collection where the storage information personal YOU concerning.

    1. When YOU access to this site, your computer receives automatically A cookie. These are of the files text Who identify your computer with of our server. That We allow to improve there speed and the reliability of this website and from you provide A best service. THE Cookies themselves do not identify not the users individual and not are not used For collect Or store of the information personal YOU concerning. YOU can disable THE Cookies in modifying THE settings of your Navigator Internet. However, if the Cookies are disabled, This site can't not function as planned and We let's not accept none responsibility towards YOU For that..

    1. «Riki Tech» has deployed all the efforts reasonable For to prevent access No allowed to information personal, maintain accuracy of the data And ensure a use appropriate of all information personal. However, YOU recognize that the Internet East intrinsically No secure, and «Riki Tech» ne can to prevent And is not not responsible of interception or “hacking” of the information transmitted via this site by of the third party No authorized.

    1. This site can contain of the connections towards Site (s Web external. “Riki Tech” is not not responsible of the policies of confidentiality death Site (s external. This policy of confidentiality applies uniquely to information collected by We.

    1. This site does not sell no products intended to be purchased by children. We let's sell of the products For children intended to be purchased by adults. If you have less than 18 years old, YOU can buy So site under the supervision of a adult.